News 23-10-12
Photo de l'article 'EXCLUSIVE ! The digital release of KAOS GENESIS is early !'

In fact, we've never talked about it and worked in great secrecy for the surprise to be complete. And finally that day arrives, the availability of the french version of KAOS GENESIS - AELE in digital format before the "ultimate" release in 12-12-12.
The TEK...

News 22-09-12
Photo de l'article 'KAOS GENESIS speaks English'

We had implied several times without really telling it, but this time it's official, KAOS GENESIS website is also in English.

In fact, we did not measure the spread of KAOS GENESIS in the world and several emails from readers around the world who were struggling with...

News 22-09-12
Photo de l'article 'News from KAOS GENESIS to J-90'

Three months left before the release of the novel "KAOS GENESIS - Aele", the TEKA (Team Kaos) works hard to offer you the best experience in the world of KAOS GENESIS.

As you can see, the website of KAOS GENESIS is constantly changing and this summer has been an oppo...

News 16-06-12
Photo de l'article 'Release of the first volume of KAOS GENESIS on the 12-12-12'

The curtain rises finally and I am pleased to announce you the release of the first volume of the novel of KAOS GENESIS, entitled Aele for the 12-12-12.

The literary version of KAOS GENESIS will be out on a very special date that has not been chosen randomly. Indeed, ...

News 05-05-12
Photo de l'article 'And it's drawing in the Kaos Team'

Writing, writing,... Well no, there is not only writing when you create a universe as wide as the one of KAOS GENESIS.

While some keep on finalizing technical sides on KAOS GENESIS' website, others continue to draw...

And here is a picture taken live.